Smart Phone

  1. Play with our engaging games or listen to your own music.


2. Connect to either Eli Ball or DiscJam via Bluetooth

Eli + DiscJam

3. Play one on one or in a small group (3-6). Have fun!

  • Excellent activity for family bonding
  • Encourage reciprocity and physical activity
  • Capture attention with music
  • Teach favorite songs
  • Fantastic ice breaker
  • Engaging games that are easy to follow
  • Innovative games ranging from “hide and go seek,” to “category game”
  • Games designed to span a large spectrum of kids with developmental disabilities
  • Great rewards for people playing with the devices


We make learning fun!

DiscJam is a fun interactive tool to use to increase turn taking, interactive play, and language concepts. Whether in my clinical practice, or in my consultation role in public schools, DisJam makes learning fun!

Julie Balderston


Teach Your Kid How to Throw.

DiscJam has helped my kiddos learn how to throw and catch a disc. The music easily captures their attention.

Steve Ryan


Encourages Physical Activity.

I love the games! They are so easy to follow and my kid loves them! I finally found a product that makes physical activity fun.

June Burby

Parent of kid with down syndrome

Increases Confidence.

Since using the DiscJam, my son’s confidence, vocalization and language has improved dramatically!  He loves to sing and dance along to the music on the DiscJam and he freely interacts socially with his peers after using this product. I highly recommend using the DiscJam as a new family activity!

Susan Shimokaji

Mother of son with Autism