Our story starts with CEO, Alex and his younger brother, Seiji. Seiji was born with a case of Autism. With his disability, Seiji struggles with his speech and social skills. Growing up as brothers was a struggle for Seiji and Alex because they could not find a meaningful social interaction.

This all changed when Alex asked the question, what if we could make music a sport for Stefan? The DiscJam was invented and the results were incredible! When Alex and Seiji played with the DiscJam for the first time, they were able to laugh, dance, and play in a whole new fun way like never before! This was through the connection of “Music and Motion”.

 We named the company, Seiji’s Bridge because the DiscJam is Seiji’s bridge for social interaction. Through the DiscJam, Stefan has been able to experience a new social activity where he is engaged and having fun. The results: Seiji feels more confident around his peers and being in front of groups of people.

Seiji’s growth in confidence was shown at a talent show where he sang and danced along to the music from the DiscJam in front of over 40 people. Also, his approximations with language have become a lot more clear through all the singing he practices.